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Joe Noval

Bass Guitar


Joe is a bass player, multi-instrumentalist and background vocalist with over a decade of experience in stage performance, world touring and studio sessions. He has contributed to projects signed by Stewart Records, Third Man Records, Spectra Records, Mulholland Records, Sony Records, and SST Records, and completed world tours spanning over 30 countries and hundreds of performances. Most recently, Joe was hired by SST Records as the bass player for the legendary hardcore punk band, Black Flag.  


Joe’s musical influences draw heavily from blues-based Rock & Roll, though he has grown to love playing and listening to all genres of music over the course of his career. He continues to be inspired by talented bass players, such as James Jamerson, Daryl Jennifer and Andy Frasier, as well as local jazz and blues musicians playing live at local venues. Joe maintains an extensive vintage and contemporary record collection, and curates a small archive of records and their history on Instagram, Joe currently resides in Los Angeles, where he completes freelance studio sessions and live performances with local talent and friends.


Touring Experience

American Mile - Bass Player

2022 - Present

  • Completed over 100 performances with the band over 6 months, with most bookings provided by the band’s booking agency, TEI/Mason Ent.

  • The band played venues ranging from regular night clubs to state fairs and casino halls, as well as private events, including fundraisers, weddings, and corporate events.

  • The band opened for National acts on big tours, including Buckcherry, Lindsey L. And Cameron Marlow.


Black Flag, SST Records - Bass Player

2019 - 2020

  • Completed over 100 performances with the band over 10 months, including tours of America, Mexico, Japan, the UK and South America

  • Played in a wide variety of venues (traditional auditoriums, festivals)  for audiences of up to 5,000

  • Participated in interviews and press events related to the tours, including a video interview at Norman’s Rare Guitars in Los Angeles


Firebug, Spectra Records - Bass Player

2018 - 2019

  • Performed a 15-date american tour to promote the band’s single, “Follower”

  • Appeared in the official music video for the single, “Follower”


The Deltaz, Mulholland Records - Bass Player

2017 - 2019

  • Completed over 100 performances with the group, including two american tours (56 and 21 dates, respectively)

  • Participated in photo shoots and press obligations ahead of each tour


The Dough Rollers, Third Man Records - Bass Player

2015 - 2016

  • Initially hired as a temporary replacement to the band’s bass player, but ultimately hired to perform an american and european tour with the band


The Golden Grass, Svart Records - Bass Player

2013 - 2015

  • Joined the band as a founding member and completed several american tours as the band’s bass player

  • Completed a 20-date european tour, spanning 14 countries, booked via Swamp Booking


Recording Experience 


The Deltaz, Mulholland Records - Bass Player

2017 - 2019

  • Played bass and contributed to lyrical concepts for two albums, Barrelhouse Boys and Turn You Back (anticipated release in fall of 2021)


 Firebug, Spectra Records - Bass Player


  • Wrote and recorded original bass parts for a 3-song EP, No Return, released on Spectra Records 


The Dough Rollers, Third Man Records - Bass Player 


  • Wrote and recorded original bass parts for a 6-song EP, Got Me A Bag, for Third Man Records


The Golden Grass, Svart Records - Bass Player 


  • Contributed musical and lyrical concepts (including the musical portion of the group’s most popular single to date, “One More Time”) and wrote original bass parts for the group’s debut self-titled release


The Hills, Stewart Records - Bass player 


  • Contributed lyrical concepts and wrote original bass parts for the group’s debut release, “Perpetual Mojo”


Music Direction & Administrative Experience


Rhett Smith, Sony Red Records - Music Director


  • Served as main director over programming, talent recruitment and production for Rhett Smith

  • Managed talent, scheduled and guided rehearsals, and coordinated logistics, including the acquisition, maintenance, and transportation of instruments

  • Selected music, guided setlists, and contributed to branding and promotion efforts


Greg Smith Group - Musician & Administrative Support

2015 - 2016

  • Played bass and provided background vocals at over 50 live events, including large wedding and corporate events, in New York City and the surrounding area

  • Participated in and grew to support administrative meetings for the band, with duties related to scheduling, logistics (i.e. equipment rental, maintenance, storage and transportation), and recruitment

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